Conor Buckley Profile

So you are back as Captain, you must be pleased? 
I'm delighted to be back, I wasn't available last year and missed it. It’s such a fantastic competition, and it's great to be a part of it. Of course it's always a huge honour to captain your country. 

The guys got their first point at miniEURO last year, what are the aims for this year? 
Yes it was a great result against Italy. The lads on last year’s team showed a great spirit throughout the tournament. From speaking to last year’s team, we have better players this year, but it's important to gel together as a squad. Teams win this tournament not individuals.

There’s been plenty of training sessions, how are the boys shaping up? 
We started very late with our training so we have had tried to do a lot in a short space of time. The training sessions have been good, but like last year’s team, we haven't had the opportunity to train together as much as we would have liked. 

The squad is made up of players that played last year, a couple of new ones and yourself. Are you able to pass your experiences along? 
Experience is massive in this tournament. We have a total of three players who have played before and yes we all pass on all our knowledge to the other lads, but nothing can prepare you for the intensity of it. 

You were there in 2013, how did you find Crete? 
Crete was a great experience. The quality and standard of the teams was very high. Personally I picked up a injury and missed the first two games so that was tough to take, but overall i loved it. 

Finally onto 2016, you must be looking forward to it? 
I just want to concentrate on our opening match and group games first !