Venue Accreditation


Venue accreditation ensures that your facility meets the standard and criteria required to run minifootball leagues in Ireland.

Once your application has been processed, one of our officers will visit your venue and ensure that your facility is to the required standard to run minifootball leagues. We will check your surface, general facilities, goals and general suitability for minifootball Leagues. Following this visit, your facility will then receive all of the following benefits of venue accreditation.

In the event that your venue does not meet the criteria for accreditation, then your accreditation fee will be returned, and you will be able to make a fresh application once any improvements have been made to your facility which we outline.

Please note that Venue Accreditation is available at the reduced price of €100.00 per facility per year, if two or more facilities operated by the same organisation are accredited at the same time. The cost for accreditation by the Irish Minifootball Association of an single or individual facility is €199.00 per year

Venue Accreditation


€199.00 per facility per year

(or €100.00 per facility per year when you accredit two or more facilities at the same time)

(Please note that a €50.00 deposit is required upon registration and is included as part of the full accreditation fee)


1.  Official IMA accredited venue status

2.  You will receive the IMA aluminium accredited venue board to place wherever you wish in your facility. This will allow you to then promote the excellence of your facilities for the playing of minifootball

3.  Access to future funding for the improvement of your facilities for the playing of minifootball.

4.  Free use of our accredited venue logo on all of your stationary and on your website.

5.  Your venue will be shown on our online affiliated leagues and venues map, making your facilities highly visible to potential customers

6.  A dedicated news story on our website, announcing your facilities accreditation to the Irish Minifootball Association.