What's Happening Behind Your Back?

Wednesday July 26, 2017 at 11:46am
Unfortunately, Ireland were unable to play in the last two EMF Euro’s because two individuals, Filip Juda and Emmet Switzer, colluded together to have our funding cut by the Irish Government.

Even though this happened, we have got back on our feet and are now running leagues in Ireland all over the country. We were preparing to get a team together for EMF Euro 2018 but today we suddenly find out that we are not members of EMF anymore as Emmet Switzer has apparently taken our place. What a way to find out!

Emmet Switzer lives in Spain and doesn’t run any leagues, nor has he ever run any leagues, in Ireland. I suppose that’s why the EMF want him. We saw a picture of him shaking hands with David Tibor, somebody who also doesn’t run any leagues in Hungary.

It seems the key to being a member of EMF is that you don’t run any leagues!

Anyway, not that we’re that bothered anyway. It just means that we can now easily go and join other bigger, more powerful federations that are coming in 2018, that will cost us a lot less money, and be much more financially beneficial to us. No more will we have to find €10,000 to play in an international tournament. For us, this is good news.

But we thought we’d better warn all the other EMF members. What has happened to us, might be happening to you, right now without you knowing about it. We know that there have been discussions with somebody else in Croatia, for instance. We all know what happened to Slovakia in 2015. We know there are quite a few countries still in the EMF whom Filip Juda is going behind their back and looking for people who can take over from them.

Watch behind your back, it might just happen to you one day, right out of the blue.

Footnote: Remember the thing about the EMF trademark which Filip Juda had done secretly and was going to transfer to the EMF? Well, he has transferred it. To his own company, owned completely by him!

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